intoxicating romance: ruth bell by ryan mcginley for vogue china september 2016

model: ruth bell (society)
photographer: ryan mcginley
stylist: daniela paudice
hair and make-up: luisa opalesky

the country girl: heather kemesky by boo george for porter #16 fall 2016

model: heather kemesky (dna)
photographer: boo george (streeters)
stylist: cathy kasterine (clm)
hair: kei terada (julianwatson)
make-up: pep gay (streeters)

zuzanna bijoch by dima hohlov for porter #16 fall 2016

model: zuzanna bijoch (next)
photographer: dima hohlov (saintluke)
stylist: hannah cole
hair: ken o'rourke (streeters)
make-up: shinobu (clm)
manicure: shreen gayle

rose insolence: luna bijl, taylor marie hill and sara sampaio by david sims for vogue paris august 2016

models: luna bijl (dna), taylor marie hill (img) and sara sampaio (lions)
photographer: david sims
stylist: emmanuelle alt
hair: paul hanlon (julianwatson)
make-up: yadim (artpartner)
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